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OK, a lot of things interest me. You can click on some of them above. In fact, so many things The Fabulous Has-Beensinterest me that I tend to wander from one thing to another and never get anything done. Many of my friends say that hobbies help them to get away from the stress of jobs and careers. I find this a bit perplexing, since work and play have become hopelessly muddled together in my life. For some reason, Documentary Filmmy hobbies have always tended to become my career. I'm probably still in advertising today because it's the one thing I've found that let's me combine my love for music, photography, writing and design . I started this web site in an effort to promote my business, but it's really just become another hobby. This may be one of the reasons why advertising people are generally held in such low regard by the rest of the world. We are the ultimate dilettantes, learning just enough to be dangerous.

Some things I enjoy.

The old ones were the best cars ever made. The new ones look suspiciously like everything else, but anyone who could produce both the quirky sheet-metal 2CV and the fabulously sculptured SM deserves a second look.


The best science fiction show in the two universes. Definitely not your father's Star Treck. If you think a giant planet destroying bug that provides a home for three galaxy wandering misfits doesn't make much sense, then your dreams probably aren't very interesting either.

Cirque Du Soleil

Part circus. Part rock concert. Part Broadway Show. Either in its permanent home in Las Vegas or on the road, Cirque du Soleil is one of the most uplifting and amazing live performances you'll ever see.

Perfection in miniature. These intricate brass construction cranes are simply the best scale models made anywhere.

Places I like to visit.

If other cities were even half as interesting as the city of light, the world would be a better place. Each arrondissement has it's own unique personality and the underground world of the Metro would make a good vacation in itself.

Las Vegas

Forget New York and San Francisco. If you're looking for what America is all about, go to Las Vegas. You'll find all our national values here: hope, greed and an oddly beautiful sense of bad taste.


Home of the East Broad Top Railroad, the only fully functional small guage steam railroad left in America. This is as close as you're going to get to traveling back in time. Take a look around on a day the trains are running and you'd swear it was 1930.


Simply the most beautiful island in the world. I'd love to live here someday.

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