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Road to Nowhere

The Road to Nowhere

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The Road to Nowhere - a capsule history of my life in 12 chapters.

Christmas in Las Vegas - where Santa is just a friendly blackjack dealer.

My Dinner with Rudy - an evening with Rudy Vallee in his declining years.

It's Only Rock N' Roll - growing up with the world's greatest rock 'n roll band .

Walking the Dog - it's not Mr. Roger's neighborhood, but it's close.

So you want to be a rock n' roll star - tell me it's not so.

Quality control in the 90's - doesn't anyone know how things work anymore?

Welcome to L.A. - if you've got enough money, it's yours for free.

Paradigm Shift - why two choices isn't always enough.

Two Minute Warning - when it's time to act, some do and some don't.

Mortality - a brief brush with death.

Another way to look at the world - it all depends on your point of view.

Heartbreak Hotel - the grass is always greener when you're holding a guitar.

Object Lessons - if you're looking for a permanent relationship, try a building.

Attitude Adjustment - for some folks death is a way of life.

Red-eye - your flight might not be the only thing that's been delayed.

Party Animals - put a hundred people in a room and suddenly you're all alone.

An American Dream - life, liberty and the pursuit of a double-wide.

Kicking the tires - does the car make the man or the man make the car?

Rednecks Revenge - welcome to the world of dumb and dumber.

Running in Place - who needs a job when you've got this?

Neighbors - just because they live next door doesn't mean they like you.

Unicorns - sometimes the truth can be a horse of another color.

East of Ephesus - the end of the journey is really the beginning.

November 22 - if we knew all the answers, what would we do for entertainment?

Trading Places - it's a dog's life but somebody's got to do it.

The First Grrrl - being ahead of your time doesn't always give you enough time.

Time - sometimes you see most clearly when your vision is a little blurred.

Vultures - eventually your dreams will belong to the highest bidder.

A House of Cards - do we get to choose or are we chosen?

Playing the Odds - it's not when you start that matters, it's when you quit.

Nuances - it's the little things that make the biggest difference.

Archaeology - find your past and you will find your future.

Eleanor Rigby - don't go looking for companionship inside your own head.

Paris - life and death in the city of light.

I Love New York - twenty years later, it's still the greatest.

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