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WAG - an anthology of dog tales
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You can learn a lot about life from watching your dog. WAG is an anthology of dog tales about a remarkable Dalmatian named Spot. Hey, "It's a dog's life," but I'd trade places with him in a minute.
This songbook is a collection of original songs that I have written, arranged and recorded. Many of the songs can be downloaded and played on your iPod or computer in MP3 format.
Petey's Place chronicles the life and adventures of the world's most stubborn and charming Dalmatian. Living with Petey was a challenge, but he made life a more interesting and better place.
The Road to Nowhere is a humorous and bittersweet collection of personal essays about American life in the 90's. This book was selected as a finalist for website of the year in 1997.

There's something unique about on-line publications. They have an immediacy that printed publications find almost impossible to capture. On-line books have the ability to grow and change on a daily basis. They are interactive by nature and can create an on-going dialog with readers. As a writer, I find this medium exciting and intriguing. None of these books are finished. All, however are vital and alive.

Ihope you enjoy this library. To check out a book, just click on the title that interests you and bookmark the table of contents in your favorite browser. Read the stories on-line, or print them out to read later. Either way, come back often. There's always something new.

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