WAG - an anthology of dog tales by John Sealander

John & Spot 97Spot was born on March 8, 1987. He died June 26, 2001. For over fourteen years, this rambunctious Dalmatian was my faithful companion and teacher. I am still amazed at how much it is possible to learn about life by sharing it fully with a dog. Dogs know how to keep their priorities straight. They don't become alcoholics or compulsive gamblers. Life is simple and honest for them. They like to eat. They like to play. They like to sleep. Most of all they like their life to be predictable. If you include them in your own life and are able to provide them with the companionship and shelter they need, they return an unconditional love and loyalty that few humans can match. I still haven't been able to simplify my own life quite as effectively as my Dalmatian did. But I'm learning. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I have enjoyed the experiences that inspired them.

Walking the Dog - it's not Mr. Roger's neighborhood, but it's close.

Trading Places - wouldn't you really rather be a Dalmatian?

101 Dalmatians - protecting Pongo from his own popularity.

For your own good - why surgery is never a simple decision.

A House of Cards - it's an easy decision until you have to make it yourself.

Hoover - some dogs eat to live, others live to eat.

Dog day at the Fair - sometimes a burger is better than the keys to the city.

Dangerous Dogs - careful, your dog's tail may be a lethal weapon.

Hazel - many are called but few are chosen.

Bug Breath - never ask your dog to order dinner for you.

Pomp & Circumstance - to a Dalmatian, every walk is a parade.

Dog Dreams - always let a sleeping dog lie.

If Dalmatians Could Talk - uh, just be glad they can't.

Old Dogs and New Tricks - the stubbornness of youth turns to resilience.

When We Were Young - born to run, born to dig.

Wheels - when they're too old to rock, they can still roll.

Twilight - it's always hard to say good-bye.

Goodbye My Friend - in the end we are back at the beginning.

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