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Joan Pontius - Keeper of the original alt.bitterness page. An expert on witches.

Ric Speigel - Everything you need to know about Citroën automobiles and BMW bikes.

Catherine Henze - My ex-wife. Everything you need to know about me.

Charley Stough - A terrific old-fashioned cigar smoking newspaperman.

Jim Martin - The real James Bond doesn't need a girl on his arm.

Kathy Jo Kramer - From biker chick to poet and internet celebrity.

Brigitte Labandie - Virtuoso video editor, Gulf War veteran and my astral twin.

Erica Schurr - She was looking for Andrew Lloyd Webber and found Frank Lloyd Wright.

Lori Glattfelder - This rocker still frets that she's not Joe Satriani.

Kathryn Gehrs-Pahl - Her palette ranges from courtroom caricatures to Area-51 aliens.

Magdalin Leonardo - Catch her smiling and she's probably thinking about James Dean.

Mike Duvall - Yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus.

Claudia Fick - Sie sehnt sich danach, in die Ferne zu ziehen.

Zrinka Pavlic - Understanding the Balkans can start right here.

Ursula Beck - Mein geistiger Ratgeber und Lieblings Hexe.

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