The Fabulous Has Beens

Nancy Beckham - Vocals

Jud Chapin - Drums/vocals

Woody Levinson - Lead Guitar

Steve Sasser - Rhythm Guitar

Tom McCone - Keyboards

John Sealander - Bass Guitar

Steve Calef - Saxophone

John & RandiThe Fabulous Has Beens weren't a great band. On many nights we weren't even a good band. We were always a fun band though. For five years we kept our day jobs, played our favorite songs over and over again and had a grand time pretending to be rock stars. It was never meant to last, but it lasted a lot longer than any of us ever imagined. The Fabulous Has BeensWe bought the guitars and amps we never could afford in high school and college. We played clubs because our friends owned them. We never payed our dues to anyone. Other people had softball teams, aerobics and poker night. Big deal. We had what everybody really wanted. We had our own rock band.

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