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Keep it simple

OK, OK. I know that any self respecting web designer would have done this page in Flash MX with reversed type, a black background and lots of cool animation and rollovers. I can do that too. What's the point in making your site "sticky" though, if there is no real real reason to visit.

The real question isn't whether you have streaming media on your pages or if they load in less than ten seconds. The real question is whether your site is interesting. It's not enough to get a lot of hits. What you really want to do is get people to bookmark your site and come back again and again.

Content is king

If the material you present on your site is genuinely interesting, it doesn't really matter if anything moves. Good content alone is enough to make your site sticky.

Create a magazine

Simple sites are often very effective. Simple doesn't mean static, though. Don't put a static brochure about your company on the web. Try to create an interactive magazine instead. If web visitors like your content the first time, they'll come back again and again to see what's new. Change your site often.

Use your back door

I am continually amazed that more designers don't take advantage of the fact that visitors usually enter a site through the back door. All sorts of attention is lavished on an elaborate index page for the website, when most visitors are often entering a subpage instead. A search engine query can take a potential visitor anywhere on your site. That's why it is important that even the most obscure subpage on your site is an interesting and informative "mini site" with easy navigation links back to your main page.

Be browser savvy

Features that are a standard part of every browser can create havoc with your designs. Viewers can easily change font sizes at will and select different fonts than you specify in your HTML. Your links will be underlined whether you it or not, mostly because visitors will never change the default settings on their browser. These are things you learn to live with unless you want to develop your entire site in Flash.

It's entertainment

Lets face it, people like to waste time on the internet. They like to buy stuff, play games, chat and read stories. What they don't always like to do is read your corporate mission statement. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make your message meaningful to people outside your own industry. We can help, with a web site that will get your business noticed and keep it memorable.

So, what about us?

So, what makes a site designed by Sealander & Company any different? It's pretty basic. Most web shops are graphic designers first and content providers second.

East Lake Veterinary Hospital

We started our company as writers and content providers. We understand content and can use it to make your site memorable. Our sites load fast, are easy to navigate and have well thought out meta tags that get you noticed in the search engines. That's just the beginning though. What's really important to us is memorable, imaginative content. We have developed content for Siemens AG, EDS, Nortel Networks and other top sites, like the five examples featured here. What can we do for you?

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